istock_000016273395xsmall_widerLet’s face it – you’re ready to get back your thick hairline.

You’re tired of feeling as though people are judging you based on your thinning hair.  You’re ready to feel collected and confident, whether you’re networking with new business contacts or meeting someone special for drinks.

That’s why you’re interested in the NeoGraft Hair Replacement System – the first of its kind that’s only available at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX!

Why NeoGraft Works

The NeoGraft Hair Replacement System uses the FUE method to deliver fantastic results along the person’s natural hairline.  The device quickly harvests follicles from the back of the scalp and implants them along the hairline.  After three to four months, new hair follicles start to grow.

With the NeoGraft Hair Replacement System, there’s no need for surgery, incisions, or scars.  No one will be able to guess why you have a thick and lush hairline again!

How Much Is The NeoGraft Procedure?

Since the NeoGraft Hair Replacement System doesn’t require surgery (it’s performed right in our office), it’s much more reasonably priced than other hair transplantation methods.

The average cost of the NeoGraft Hair Replacement System is around $9,000.  This estimate varies depending on the number of grafts needed. For more information about our discounted NeoGraft Hair Replacement System pricing, visit our virtual consultation page.

Hair Transplantation in El Paso, TX

El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is the first and only center in El Paso to provide patients with the NeoGraft hair transplantation treatment.  To learn more about the benefits associated with this treatment, schedule a NeoGraft consultation by calling (915) 800-8179.